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How to Prepare Your Property for Listing

There comes a time when you feel like changing your address. Perhaps, even changing your property location not house to one better and bigger to accommodate your family comfortably. You see, if this thought has crossed your mind, then this post is for you.

Selling your property can be an emotional affair. Often culminating in what is called, the seller’s remorse. If you stop to think of the tears, sweat, and blood it took to buy and or develop that house, home or property, it might cause you to have second thoughts.

But, in order to counter the creeping feelings of remorse, you must not tackle the whole process casually. Our advice is, to ensure that you do this process well.

For us to help you accomplish that (remove all remorse) you need to do the following when you want to put your property into the market (listing).

We hope to take you through this crucial stage, where you will be able your home farewell and no longer see it as a home.


Let us get started. Shall we?

Clean the Place

The moment the idea settles in and you know you are going to do this (sell) de-clutter your property. You wouldn’t what your sales’ agent to find your house messy, would you?

Get your dirty laundry off the floor. For once, clean the dishes, before the next meal. For what are we targeting here? To make a first great impression. Guess what, this first impression, will persuade your agent to either, sell your property at the highest value, or sell it at a lower value. Choose the former.

Do Not Over-Upgrade

In the spirit of cleaning the property, do not knock off walls; re-model the kitchen counters, and what have you. The idea here is, to make it fantastic and ready for listing.

Fix vital amenities: the broken sink, shower, and lights. The garage door. In essence, ensure they are in great working condition for the next homeowners. Just, do not break the bank doing it.

Take Amazing Pictures

You see, in real estate, pictures are the links between the buyer and the seller. Indeed, they are worth 1000 words. Pictures, give the potential buyer a virtual tour of the house. Taking him to places, he wishes he could go.

They tell your property’s story in absenter. Before a homeowner, finally, decides to book a viewing they must be attracted by what they see.

If you cannot take good, quality pictures let pros do it for you. In most cases, the real estate agency you list with will take it upon themselves to do this. However, if you really care to have your property out there, go ahead and take great shots.

They will be worth the time and effort once, you sell and quickly for that matter. Remember, creating that first great impression? It applies here too. Go on then; create that great first impression.

Price It Right

If you have been in the industry long enough like we have, you sympathise with how unrealistic homeowners can be when it comes to price. Despite knowing that the property will not fetch their asking price, they still go ahead and quote it.

Being good agents, we will advise. Two things though. Firstly, with that price, from the outset, you (homeowner) are reducing your chances of selling your property quickly. Two, you discourage the agency from going all in-because deep down they know, that price will deter any effort they make. Leading to that silent question: what is the point anyway?

Thus, making it hard for the agency to sell the property as intended. Do not rush the pricing stage. Take your time. Consult and get the price right. If in dilemma, real estate companies offer valuation services: which examines your property and gives you the approximate value your property is bound to fetch in the market. I would suggest you go for it.

You might find, you had undervalued your property altogether!

Find an Agent/Agency

Our country is teeming with real estate professionals. From the moment, it dawned on the population, that there is real money to be made in real estate; many agents mushroomed all over. This is not a bad thing. After all, we are all seeking to render service in this booming industry.

Take caution, though. Finding the right agent is the tricky part. Finding a great agent is even trickier. However, within reach. The first place I would advise you to go is Search for real estate companies in Kenya. Ask other homeowners, if they can refer you to their agencies. Go to social media. As you, do your research note;

  • Do they have an office?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • What is currently in their portfolio?

Proceed to organise a meeting. Size them up. Remember you are staking your many millions on this relationship. You better take time and end up with the right agent/agency. It might help to look us up ( We might be what you are looking for.

Listen To Your Agent

Once you have settled on an agency, listen to them. Why? They are bringing in experience and a host of clients to the table. Taking the lead is not bad but remember you listed because you wanted the property to sell, in other words (assistance). By cooperating with your agent, you will both arrive at this goal.

Just, listen to their recommendations. Agree to them. Seek clarification. Before you know it, with the concerted efforts you will be buying a new property all together!

As you think about these pointers, we would like to hear from you. What other factor do you think we have missed that helped you prepare to list your property?

Until then, happy listing!

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