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7 Simple Steps to Help You Find a Perfect Rental Property

Before embarking on your search for a new rental home, there are a few steps you need to take for you to find the right home for yourself and or family.

We promise that if you diligently follow these necessary steps, the home you end up with might be even better than what you planned for.

These are the 7 steps to finding your perfect rental home.

  1. What are your needs?

This involves careful consideration of why you are seeking a rental home in the first place. Whether you’re single or have a large family with small children, everyone has different needs and will be looking for something specific to suit their lifestyle.

At this point, you need to consider what the most important aspects are for you when renting. It’s also wise to take note that you might not get exactly what you are looking for. Keeping an open mind is key.

In most cases, you might find a home in a perfect location and size which might just end up being way off your budget. This is why we insist that you need to be flexible and realistic about what you are looking for.

  1. Set a realistic budget

Deciding on a budget goes hand-in-hand with what your needs are.

Consider a family looking for a rental home? The budget will be slightly higher since you would be looking for a 3 or 4 bedroom to cater to your family’s needs. Unlike a single chap looking for a one-bed apartment.

Your needs should inform your budget. Don’t set a budget like that of a single chap if you know you have a family.

  1. Decide on your locations

Although you might have your heart set on a location because are familiar with or you have friends and family living there, it’s always good to keep an open mind and let your budget drive your search. Not the other way around.

  1. Start property viewings

Book site visits with real estate agents. Don’t take their word for the truth. Or what you see on their websites. Make a physical property visit.

Don’t worry if the first property you see isn’t right. Keep making viewing appointments. This whole time we keep insists that you keep an open mind, be alive to the fact that what you’re searching for might not exist.

Go on viewings for a few properties to gauge what’s available and if you find something you really like, don’t waste time, for you might not be the only one keen on that home. The rental market in Nairobi is competitive and chances are it’s already being eyed up by someone else.

  1. Make your best offer

By the time you get to this point, the ball is in your court. When you’ve found a property you like, it’s time to make an offer with the agent. Instantly, if you are sure it is what you want.

We recommend offering as close to the asking price as possible to increase your chances of being able to rent the property. However, this is your decision and you shouldn’t necessarily rule out properties if they’re over your budget.

  1. Pay your deposit and sign the agreement

The process of sorting out your paperwork is simultaneous to paying the deposit and first month’s rent and signing your tenancy agreement. Your real estate agent will guide you on this. That is why we also encourage that you deal with professional real estate companies.

  1. Move into your home

After all these processes are complete, it’s finally time to move in! Congratulations!

The keys for your new rental home will be available on the day your tenancy starts, so make sure you organize any removal companies and transport around when you’re able to collect the keys from your estate agent.