Price Range: from Kshs.200 to Kshs.2,500,000
Size Range: from 10 SqFt to 1,000 SqFt
Other Features

Property Management

The experienced property management team at Sunland real estates is committed to providing you with the highest level of property management services available. As your personal property management team, you can count on us to treat your property as if it were our own, assist you to maximize your profits and safeguard your valuable real estate assets.

We do this by:

Working hard on your behalf to ensure your property has low vacancy rates and your rents are paid in full and on time. In addition to this we safeguard your rental returns via consistent and systematic rent reviews and local market yield assessments.

Property Valuation

Through our sister company Sunland Valuers Limited, a professional tangible asset valuation & advisory firm committed delivering solutions for property and infrastructure assets. We work with our clients to provide professional independent, accurate and accountable advice.  The valuation team at Sunland Valuers carry out property searches and give informed and objective opinion of its true worth as per the terms of reference from the client.

Our valuation solutions are tailored to serve residential, commercial and industrial interests. Sunland Valuers also provides rent assessments for landlords and tenants alike with a view of determining the fair current market rates. Further, our team assists in negotiations and arbitrations towards an amicable agreement for both parties

Site acquisition

Sunland obtains interests in land for development purposes on behalf of our clients.

By obtaining instruction from our client with regards to the property of interest, we undertake the following procedure in site acquisition:

  • First, we receive the location (in the form of coordinates). This helps us to identify the site required by zeroing in on the exact location where the acquisition is needed.
  • Put forward their proposal and negotiate as per the client (telecommunications company) specifications.
  • Negotiate on the space to be leased out, for instance by 10sqm
  • Discuss rent payable per month or per year.
  • Discuss the lease period or the no of years that the agreement between the client and the landowner will run e.g 10 years
  • Obtain and verify documents which proof ownership of the land in question.
  • Explain to the landowner (landlord) the merits and demerits of having the mast on his/her land.
  • Attend to any queries that the landowner might have.
  • Take panoramic photos of the surrounding areas and get the services available in the area i.e electricity, condition of the road among others.
  • Obtain the necessary approvals from the local authorities an N.E.M.A among others.

When we have fulfilled the above, we write a site acquisition form (commonly referred to as an I.D form) which is later forwarded to the client. The I.D form helps the client know what transpired on the ground. These we can call a feedback from the ground. With the I.D form the client can know whether the work was done or not.

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