This is an innovative online management system and smart phone app that enables fast communication between tenants, Sunland Real Estate and the respective landlords.


  1. Responsive web and mobile application
  2. Great and easy to use interfaces
  3. Secure application database access and data encryption
  4. Online portals for tenants, landlords and the management staff
  5. Instant SMS & Email notifications for invoice generated and payments received
  6. Detailed tenant & customer statement
  7. Standard management and financial reports attached with a filter for flexibly retrieving what the user needs to see
  8. Pay and manage your rent and property arrears online
  9. Keep control of your properties from Anywhere, Anytime
  10. Send Bulk SMS & Email
  11. Scalable and easy to integrate with any other system
  12. Can run on any operating system or database
  13. Real time payment transactions
  14. MPESA Pay bill integration
  15. Payment gateway integration for pay bills, visa and MasterCard payments
  16. Integration with the company’s website to display houses available for rent and sale
  17. Feedback from tenants and customers via suggestion box
  18. Secure and rich chat module
  19. Suggestion box
  20. Neighbor hood
  21. Receipting tenants from anywhere using mobile device and bluetooth printer
  22. Visitor Management